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Always-On Home Energy Backup

Power outages can be more than a minor inconvenience; they can disrupt your daily routine, compromise safety, and even lead to financial losses. With Momentum Electrical Contractors, ensure that your home is always powered, even during unexpected power outages, with our Always-On Home Energy Backup solutions.

Features of our Always-On Home Energy Backup

Continuous Power: Experience minimal disruption during blackouts as our system seamlessly switches to backup power, keeping essential appliances and systems running.

Efficient Energy Storage: Our cutting-edge energy storage solutions ensure that you have a reliable power reserve when you need it most, allowing for longer periods of self-sufficiency during outages.

Integrated Monitoring: Keep track of your energy consumption, backup levels, and system health through intuitive monitoring solutions, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Safety First: Our backup systems are installed with the highest safety standards in mind, protecting your home from potential electrical hazards and ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Eco-friendly Options: Opt for sustainable backup solutions that harness solar power, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying uninterrupted power.

Scalable Solutions: Whether you want backup for a few essential appliances or your entire home, our systems can be tailored to meet your specific needs and can be expanded as those needs grow.

Automatic Switching: Our systems detect outages in real-time and automatically switch to backup power, ensuring a seamless transition.

Compact Design: Our backup solutions are designed to be space-efficient, ensuring they integrate smoothly into your home environment without being obtrusive.

Expert Support: Momentum Electrical Contractors is committed to your satisfaction. From consultation to installation and post-installation support, our team is with you every step of the way.

With the unpredictability of power outages, it’s essential to be prepared. With Always-On Home Energy Backup by Momentum Electrical Contractors, rest easy knowing that your home remains a beacon of light and safety, even in the darkest of times. Invest in uninterrupted power, invest in peace of mind.


In an era where our dependence on electricity has never been greater, safeguarding your home against power interruptions is crucial. Momentum Electrical Contractors presents its premier range of generators, ensuring your home remains illuminated, functional, and safe, no matter the duration or cause of the blackout.

Features of our Always-On Home Energy Backup Generators:
Reliable Power Source: Our high-quality generators are engineered to deliver consistent power, ensuring your home’s essential systems and devices remain operational during outages.

Automatic Activation: Equipped with advanced sensing technology, our generators detect power disruptions and automatically start up within seconds, ensuring a virtually uninterrupted power supply.

Fuel Efficiency: Designed for optimal fuel consumption, our generators provide extended run times, making them economical and eco-friendly choices during long outages.

Quiet Operation: Engineered for minimal noise production, our generators operate silently, ensuring your peace isn’t disturbed while they work.

Weather-Resistant Design: Built to endure, our generators are housed in durable, weather-resistant enclosures, ensuring consistent performance regardless of environmental challenges.

Safety Compliance: Every generator we install meets the strictest safety standards, equipped with features to prevent overloads, overheating, and other potential hazards.

Scalable Solutions: From compact units for essential circuits to robust systems that power your entire home, we offer a range of generators tailored to your specific needs.

Easy Maintenance: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our generators offer easy maintenance features, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Dedicated Support: The Momentum Electrical Contractors team is always on standby, offering expert advice, routine maintenance, and prompt troubleshooting, ensuring your generator is always in prime condition.

Power outages are unpredictable, but your response to them doesn’t have to be. With Momentum Electrical Contractors and our state-of-the-art generators, take control of your power needs. Keep your home energized, your loved ones safe, and your daily routines uninterrupted. Don’t let power disruptions dim your comfort; stay empowered with our Always-On Home Energy Backup solutions.

Home Batteries

Modern living demands constant power, and with evolving energy solutions, homes no longer have to be at the mercy of the grid’s reliability. Momentum Electrical Contractors brings you advanced home battery solutions, ensuring your home is powered even during prolonged outages, making energy interruptions a thing of the past.

Features of our Home Energy Backup Batteries:
Consistent Power Supply: Our premium home batteries are designed to provide a seamless power transition during outages, ensuring your vital appliances and systems remain operational.

Eco-friendly Energy Storage: Harness renewable energy sources like solar, store it efficiently, and use it during peak times or power disruptions, promoting a sustainable energy approach.

Modular Design: Based on your energy needs, our home battery systems can be scaled, ensuring you have just the right amount of backup power.

Intelligent Energy Management: Integrated with smart technology, our batteries optimize energy consumption, deciding when to store energy and when to supply it to your home.

Rapid Recharge: With fast-charging capabilities, our home batteries ensure you’re never left without power for long.

Extended Lifespan: Built using top-tier technology, our home batteries promise longevity, giving you years of reliable energy backup.

Safety Assurance: Safety is our top priority. Our home batteries come equipped with multiple safety mechanisms to protect against overcharging, overheating, and other potential risks.

Remote Monitoring: Keep an eye on your battery’s performance, health, and charge status through user-friendly monitoring systems, ensuring you’re always informed.

Dedicated Support: At Momentum Electrical Contractors, we stand by our commitment to excellence. From the selection process to installation and after-sales services, our team ensures you get the best experience.

Battery backup is more than just an alternative power source; it’s about ensuring uninterrupted living, keeping your home’s security systems active, and providing peace of mind during unforeseen circumstances. With Momentum Electrical Contractors’ home batteries, step into a future where your home’s power source is as resilient as you are. Equip your home with the best; always be energy assured.

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